MED-PTS Ambulance Services is a UK based Private Ambulance Service specializing in Private Ambulance Transport, Event First Aid Cover & Refurbished Defibrillator Sales.

Our Private Ambulance Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to carry out medically related transport to the NHS & Private Clients.

The aim of our service is to provide affordable, reliable and professional Private Ambulance Transport, Mobility Transport, & Event First Aid Cover in and around the UK.

We are able to convey patients to and from all NHS & Private Hospitals, Mental Health Facilities, Medical Practices, Dentist/Optician Appointments, Residential/Care Homes, Rehabilitation Facilities, Out of Hours Facilities and Private Clinics.

Our commitment to client services ensures a prompt ambulance response to transport bookings to improve hospital patient flow

We are a cost effective private ambulance service, offering our contracted clients & regular service a 10% discount, whilst at the same time receive excellent quality of care & support throughout using our service.

Event First Aid Cover
We are one of the leading providers of first aid cover within London, Suffolk, Norfolk,Cambridgeshire,Essex,and Northern Ireland, we provide event paramedics and first aid cover for events in Norfolk,Suffolk, London,Essex,Cumbria,Northern Ireland,Belfast.
We provide all levels of staff for all event types including festivals, equestrian, motocross, tri-athlons, fireworks displays, Christmas markets and food fairs, Please get in touch for a competitively priced quotation.

Refurbished Defibrillator Sales 
When considering the purchase of AED’s more and more decision makers are looking at used equipment instead of brand new. Our refurbished Defibrillator AED’s are a great alternative to new equipment saving you money but still giving you complete peace of mind that your AED has been rigorously inspected and comes with a comprehensive 3 month warranty.
Hospital Transport 
Hospital Transport is provided to and from all Private & NHS hospitals within the UK, whether you require transport for G.P out of hours admissions, A&E hospital ward admissions, day surgery clinics, or have been discharged from hospital and need medical assistance we are available 24/7.

Medical Appointments                                     
Private Ambulance Transport to your local G.P medical practice, dental center or hospital or private surgery or clinic, we will make sure you receive excellent quality of care whilst having a comfortable journey. 

Medical Repatriations
Private Ambulance Transport for patients requiring long distance ambulance transport to their home or hospital, after being admitted to a hospital that is located some distance from their area of living. 
We are available 24/7 to provide medical repatriation for the whole of the UK including Ireland and Europe.

Mobility Transport
Mobility Transport for users with limited mobility providing transport to: NHS & Private Hospitals, Medical Practices, Dentist/Optician Appointments, Residential/Care Homes, Rehabilitation Facilities, Out of Hours and Private Clinics, all vehicles are wheelchair and scooter accessible. Full assistance provided with individual needs being taken into account.

T: 01328 258879
T: 07788737370